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Rag Time 
6th-Oct-2010 05:59 am
Hello ladies! So, I promised I'd review Luna Pads. I happen to be on the rag, so it is a perfect time.

So, I have to admit that I am rather attached to my Diva Cup and have only used Luna Pads alone at the beginning and end of my period (which is usually a light/med flow). One of the greatest features is the comfort of cloth against your lady parts. The fabric is amazingly soft. I didn't realize what drastic difference there was until I had to use a regular sanitary pad in an emergency. The cloth pads also do not feel like you're wearing a diaper. I noticed that the pad does shift a little with movement, but not enough to cause problems.

Washing is easy if you remember to soak used pads shortly after in cold water for a day or two. I recommend using hydrogen peroxide for tough spots. There was some blogger that complained it's embarrassing to have menstrual products in your laundry...but personally I think it's no worse than underwear. What kind of freak would take inventory of your laundry anyway? I digress.

If you're going to use Luna Pads as your main method of period protection- I would highly recommend buying a few pads and liners if you're not doing laundry frequently. I personally bought one pad and four liners. That gets me by no problem for the two days I need it. While you'll never have to pay up for disposables, the initial cost of the product can be surprising. There are some great coupon codes out there. If you're crafty and have a sewing machine- they even teach you how to make your own on the website!

Well, I will openly admit that I have had much happier periods without disposables. There's much less hassle and more comfort. I'm saving money and no longer contributing to the 20 billion pads/tampons landing into the garbage annually. If you have any questions, no matter how strange, comment below!



6th-Oct-2010 08:28 pm (UTC)
Thanks for the info. I've been thinking of using Luna Pads. I want to get in on the "Alternative Menstrual Products" thing, but my period is usually pretty light so I usually just stick to pads. I might wait until I graduate, though, because I feel like soaking a pad in my room (with a roommate around), or in the floor bathroom would be a little awkward.
7th-Oct-2010 01:21 am (UTC)
(At last, a chance to use my blood icon!)

Thank you! I've been waiting for this review. Lunapads sound really awesome, and I'm definitely going to get one soon. Are they basically the same size as the comparable disposable pads?
7th-Oct-2010 11:47 am (UTC)
Yep! And they have the same range in styles as well. I bought the pantyliners in the black/crazy floral print.
8th-Oct-2010 12:41 am (UTC)
Yay! Thanks. Sadly, the link isn't working for me, it says I "already" took the survey. Buh?
8th-Oct-2010 12:58 am (UTC)
Merghh....Maybe check the homepage?
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