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Jesus Christ on a pogo stick 
19th-Jun-2011 09:15 am

Dear YA Book Vandal-

Although you may not like writers using the "Lord's name in vain", this does not give you the right to go through out the entire book and attempt to remove the "bad words" with an eraser. This is vandalism. Another little pesky offensive act. Good job on ripping out a large portion of text by accident. Thanks so much for disrupting my enjoyment of a good book. By the by, while the library probably can do little to trace who you are, I am informing somebody about this. Hopefully you aren't taking it upon yourself to go through more books to continue your quest for Christ. That's right, I said Christ. Erase that.

-Annoyed library patron


(For those curious, I'm reading Paper Towns by John Green)

26th-Jun-2011 02:18 am (UTC)
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